A lady WIP.

I did today’s number for 365 Days of Type!


Happy Easter! Today is day 110 by @CeliaKrampien | celiakrampien.com

A sketch from this morning.

I’ve been trying to loosen up and speed up while drawing, especially drawing digitally and especially while drawing people! So here’s a quick one where I tried to not let my self get too finicky with stuff, just rough in some shapes with some texture brushes and some looser lines.

A sketched a little jumping girl. I made her pink.

A sketched a little jumping girl. I made her pink.

Gloomy girl sketch for a melancholy, cold, rainy kind of day.

Made a pattern.

Drew a little beagle guy this morning.

Dapper rabbit doodle.

Sleepy bunnies! These guys were part of another illustration (see previous post) but they ended up being just a small part of the final. I had a lot of fun drawing them and the foliage so I thought I would work up a bigger version and play around with the colouring.

All the colouring for this was done with Kyle Webster’s photoshop brushes (just click the link to go to his shop) If you don’t have you should totally get because they’re amazing and EXTREMELY affordable. Get ‘em!

A new image for the Globe and Mail. This went along with an essay in which a woman writes about two experiences when she saw the dark side of a loved one. The first was when her beloved German Shepherd brutally desecrated a rabbit’s nest and the other was when an older, well-trusted family member tried to prey on her young daughter.

This was some sensitive material so it was an interesting challenge trying to find a way to handle it delicately. While working on this I realized that I often use shadows in my concepts so I think I’ll try to avoid them in the future, haha.

Thank you to Matt French for the assignment!